Who Needs a Cleaning Service

1. Are you the “Busy Family”?

Somewhere between being a chauffeur on call, a short order cook, a sous chef, working and running household errands, you are supposed to find the time to clean your home. Well, you can now cross that off your “to do” list.

Let Eastdulwichcleaning do it for you. Now you can play with your kids, read last month’s best seller, have lunch with friends, or take a bath, a real bath…with bubbles.

2. Perhaps you are the ‘Newlyweds”?

You love being married…. you love your new spouse…..what you don’t love so much is cleaning for two.  And the two of you came together with totally different concepts of what “clean” actually means. Before you head to the divorce courts, or Judge Judy, let Patricia Cleaning time help you. We will clean, and let you enjoy the blissful state of marriage.

3. Maybe you are “Expecting”?

With a new baby on the way, you no doubt have lots on your mind, the last of which is cleaning. Let us take care of it for you. We will CLEAN and SANITISE your home, in preparation for the new baby. We can clean your home and free your mind at the same time, so you can concentrate on buying baby clothes, and what you are going to name the baby when she/he arrives.

4. Perhaps you are the “Careerist”?

You’ve worked hard and sacrificed years of school and beyond to secure that coveted position. Now you’ve made it. As you struggle up the corporate ladder you get to socialise with the executives. You get to attend their fancy dinner parties.  Deep in your heart, with a bit of dread, you know that your turn will come. The name of the game is reciprocity. Oh No!! Well, we have the solution. Have the dinner catered, and let Eastdulwichcleaning come in and do a SUPER clean. You will impress all your guests.

5. Are you the “New Senior”?

You know that today’s 70 is yesterday’s 50.  Retirement should mean MORE time for you…not more time to clean,  but time to do all those things you put off doing while you were busy making your mark in the world. Now is YOUR time…time to travel, visit, play golf, sky dive…SKY DIVE?!?!  Patricia House cleaning’s flexible schedule allows you to use us when you need us. Why spend this hard earned time cleaning when you can let us do it for you?

6. We also Recycle Whenever Possible

If there are particular products you prefer, or those that you rather we didn’t use, please let us know at our initial meeting. Our goal is to clean your home the way you want it cleaned.

7. Are you the “Putting It On The Market” guy?

You’re selling your apartment and you want it spiffed up. We can take care of your old apartment while you concentrate on your new one. (we can help with the new one as well!)

8. Are you the “Everyone Else”?

While going to a spa or taking a vacation day may feel like quite an indulgence, nothing speaks luxury like having someone else clean your apartment. Let EastdulwichCleaning help you feel special.

Patricia House cleaning time will make your house Sparkle

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