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Are you Ready For Christmas! Patrica team will make your House Shine and Sparkle

Don’t let domestic cleaning stop you from enjoying yourself this Christmas. Put some work in early and book a professional House cleaning To ensure sure you make the most out of the holiday. We recommend you do this at least once a year, just before the Christmas break is a great time to do it. Read on for this and other useful tips for the festive season.

Create an environment you can relax in

You may have tidied the house and decorated your Christmas tree, but for many of us, bacteria and allergens lying under the surface of carpets and upholstery can make it difficult to unwind. People who can’t find any relief from such allergies in the comfort of their own home often don’t realise that they’re sitting in the thing that’s causing their allergies in the first place! All sorts of foreign materials can be dragged into your home under foot or attached to clothes. This is often then transferred to your carpets and upholstery, and can become deeply ingrained into these materials very easily.

When this occurs, regular cleaning and vacuuming can only help so much. To deal with the problem you need the deep clean that only a professional company like eastdulwichcleaning can provide. We have spent a lot of time and money on our training and equipment, so it’s always money well spent when we clean your home!

Tidy as you go

If you have kids spending more time at home during the Christmas break, it’s always good to be prepared for the extra amount of housework this can create. Our advice is to stay on top of this by tidying as you go- put used mugs in the dishwasher and tidy toys and other items away after they are used, and you can avoid having to do a massive cleanup operation the day before the rest of the family are coming to visit!

Be strategic with your limited time

Focus your attention on areas of your home that visitors are likely to see. Start by making a good impression with the entrance to your home, making sure that mud isn’t dragged in from outside and shoes are tidied away. Nobody wants to be blinded by bright lights at Christmas, and lamps or candles will go great with your decorations. Take advantage of a minimalist approach to lighting and use it to draw attention to certain areas and away from others.

Get supplies stocked up and ready

It’s hard to predict the weather, and sometimes it’s even hard to predict how many family members are going to drop by. Remember to stock up on plenty of alcohol and other supplies. That way you can get them out at the drop of a hat in the event of a blizzard and get that smug feeling that comes with always being prepared.

Use scents

This might not be for everyone, but calming scents like cinnamon, cloves or potpourri can really add to the mood you are trying to create at Christmas, even if we can’t guarantee they’ll make your children completely well-behaved.

Our team can help you with the domestic cleaning Services in South East London .we will give your home that much needed boost so that you can concentrate on enjoying Christmas with your loved ones. Call us today on 07933059773 -speak to Patricia to request a free quote.


Are you ready to experience clean? Nothing is as clean as Patricia Cleaning Services


It’s All About You

Do you remember how exciting it was to move into your place when it was new, fresh, and clean?
Let’s see if we can help you reinvigorate that feeling. A clean home is a happy one and a productive one.
By enlisting our services, you’re not only getting a new lease on your place, but you’re also removing potentially dangerous or allergy-inducing elements.
We love to maintain relationships with clients and become more than just a cleaning service. We want to be part of the routine that makes your life better,
healthier, and cleaner. And, the more often we come by, the less work we have to do, and the more you save –
not to mention the intangible benefit of living in a spotless place!

• House Cleaning –  Let us take over these tasks and you can just relax and enjoy a nice clean home.’

Office Cleaning  – Let us take over the routine cleaning and we’ll give you an office that everyone will appreciate.

AirBNb Cleaning –We will come in and have your AirBnb cleaned perfectly , ready for your new guests

Thousands of satisfied customers say that Patricia Cleaning  Service is not a convenience,
we’re a necessity! Most of our customers find that having East Dulwich Cleaning  Service
every  week keeps their homes beautifully clean and healthy, minimizing the amount of time
spent on cleaning between our visits. But, we also offer fortnightly week, monthly and occasional home cleaning service – whatever suits YOUR needs.

Book today your Cleaning on line or call Patricia on 07933059773


The information you provide will enable us to create an estimate for your cleaning

and we’d be happy to schedule a convenient date and time for your cleaning.

Thanks you for choosing Patricia Cleaning Services 

Need A Cleaner ?Everything We Clean is Perfect !We have Slots available for Christmas


He have free Slot Available for Monday to Friday , book your cleaning today

Are you too busy or unable to do your housework? Or perhaps you would just like some help? Would you like to have the same person visit regularly rather than a different team each week?

Eastdulwichcleaning offers  Regular cleans at highly competitive rates. Price quoted is the price that you pay, we have no hidden extras.

Easy replacement if you wish to change your worker. Cleaner sickness cover provided if required.

We cover households in the following areas:
West Norwood,East Dulwich, West Dulwich, Peckham,Norwood,Herne Hill and Surround areas.

For further information and a no obligation quote, call me today and speak to one of our friendly Customer Care team.
we are very reliable, hard work,
No agency and No Contract fees ,

Please do not hesitate to contact the Best House Cleaning Service in  Town.


alternatively you can book your cleaner now  on line.  www.eastdulwichcleaning.com

The information you provide will enable us to create an estimate for your cleaning

and we’d be happy to schedule a convenient date and time for your cleaning.

alternatively you can contact patricia directly on 07933059773

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25% Off Deep House Cleaning for Spring Cleaning Season

Spring Cleaning!

It’s that time of year again – Spring Cleaning is back! Spring Cleaning Promotions are back and we expect that we are going to get busier and busier. As the temp keeps going up the prices keep getting lower. Patricia  has many recurring clients that have us come out either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly – but for those of you who don’t have regular cleaning, spring cleaning is for you. Heavily reduced one time deep cleaning prices are reintroduced for this spring cleaning season. So here it goes – call today  and receive 25% off! In order to get twenty five percent off you must order deep cleaning service. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This promotion is for a limited time only. Call Today!
07933059773 or 07922561595
book your cleaning on line now.