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House Cleaning While You Are On Holiday

Keep Your House Clean While You Are on Holiday

Getting ready for a holiday is always a panic, when you’ve got a million and one chores to take care of. Bags have to be packed. Sun cream has to be bought. And the kids will all need new swimsuits. The morning you leave, it’ll be a last-minute dash to get everything ready, and the house could resemble a jumble sale by the time you’ve raked through your summer outfits.

When we go away for a break, cleaning the house tends to be the last chore on our list. That usually means you’ll come back from a holiday to a rather unkempt and unloved home. But if you hire our cleaners while you’re away, you could benefit in more ways than one.

Keeping Clean 24/7

Home can seem a long way away when you jet off to another country, but the jobs are simply piling up quietly for your return. If you hire a cleaner, you can actually continue the cleaning regime while you’re away so that the dirt can’t get out of hand.

If you’ve ever returned to a kitchen full of perished fruit, or a fridge full of mouldy food, you’ll know just how helpful it would be to have someone take care of it all for you. Hire a cleaner, and they’ll give your home a quick once over so that you don’t come back to foul smells and mess.

Maintaining a Routine

Keeping your cleaning appointments while you’re away is a good way to keep the house spick and span, but there’s another very clear benefit: your home will benefit from a regular visitor or two.

When your cleaner visits, they can tidy post away from the door, and make sure your timer switches are all working while you’re gone. We can check your doors and windows are secure and keep a general eye on your property.


Some people are uncomfortable letting cleaners in while they are far away from home. However, if you have a regular cleaner they almost become a part of the family. Therefore, it is someone you can trust to keep an eye on your home while you are gone. Domestic accidents happen when the residents are not in and if you can rely on someone to check the property even just once a week, that’s still a major security plus.

What is your opinion on having cleaners in while you are on holiday? Let us know what feels right for you. Also, if you are one of our regular clients and decide not to keep your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible, so we can update our schedule and give your slot to someone else.

Set Up Your Appointments

East Dulwich Cleaning has a team of experienced, professional cleaners covering south London and the surrounding area. When you contact us, we’ll initially visit your home to find out what you want from a cleaner.

Standard services include Vacuuming ,Dusting ,Making Beds and Sanitising the Kitchen ,bathrooms and Bedrooms We can also offer additional services like oven cleans, Fridge Cleaning and help with your Ironing.

If you’re going on holiday, it’s the perfect time to book in a full Deep clean, or ask us to do any Priority Service that you need . While you’re away on your holiday, we’ll take care of the regular duties and these special jobs, so that you return to a house that looks and smells fantastic.

To set up your initial consultation, contact Patricia today. No matter what the season, we’re here to help you keep on top of your domestic chores.


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